SAP Migration Assessment

SAP migration assessment is the process of evaluating an organization's existing SAP system and determining the feasibility and potential risks associated with migrating it to a new platform or cloud environment. It involves analyzing the existing system's architecture, data model, and customizations to determine the impact of the migration on business processes, users, and data.

Many companies are moving their SAP systems to the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs, improve scalability and flexibility, and enhance data security.

Migrate Your Workloads Seamlessly and Efficiently

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An SAP migration assessment is required to evaluate the feasibility of moving to the cloud, the suitability of the target cloud platform, and the potential risks involved.

Some of these reasons include why a company may need an SAP migration assessment tool:

  • Over time, SAP systems can become slow and unreliable, which can impact business operations. An SAP migration assessment can help to identify opportunities to improve performance and reliability, such as moving to a new database or infrastructure.
  • Security and compliance are critical concerns for companies running SAP systems. An SAP migration assessment can help to identify security and compliance issues and recommend solutions to address them.
  • Companies may have multiple SAP systems running different versions or modules, which can be expensive and difficult to manage. An SAP migration assessment can help to identify opportunities to consolidate multiple SAP systems into a single, more efficient system.

Why select us as your SAP migration partner?

  • Clearly defined methodologies and frameworks for reduced utilization of client resources
  • Investment in proprietary tools to optimize efforts, reduce client risks and control costs
  • Reduced migration down time of up to 50 per cent
  • Reusable assets, including proprietary tools, templates and methodology