SAP on Google Cloud

Businesses are transitioning quickly, and enterprises need to be more innovative, agile, and cost-effective than ever before. Although enterprises have already started their journey toward adopting the cloud, many are still looking for ways to use this solution for better sustainability and scalability.

Cloud Vative provides full support on migrating your SAP systems to the Google Cloud - from conceptual design to transition and ongoing operation.

The SAP and Google Partnership

The partnership between Google and SAP delivers unsurpassed business expertise, industry-leading cloud infrastructure and machine learning innovations. nterprises around the globe with heterogeneous data on SAP workloads have experienced the benefits of Google Cloud in terms of higher availability, agility, and native intelligence.

As one of most critical applications for your company, SAP is continually evolving in terms of performance, reliability and scalability. The Google Cloud Platform ensures success on all fronts. We take your requirements and assume responsibility for the professional maintenance, integrated monitoring, and further development of your SAP systems in the Google Cloud. This allows you to focus entirely on your entire core processes.

Benefits of Google Cloud

  • SAP customers need to upgrade hardware to meet the new HANA demand of high memory VMs by 2025. Google Cloud offers up to 12TB or RAM VMs with 35% cheaper than than on prim solutions
  • Pay per second of consumption , Compute(vCPU), RAM and Operating System Licences
  • Flexible payment for non production workload. when development or testing VM is off there is no cost
  • Google Cloud up time SLA is 99.999%
  • Streamlined incremental snapshot solution, only pay for the difference of data-backups, not the the full storage

Benefits by Migrating Your SAP Systems to the Google Cloud

  • Innovation

    Innovation through integration - integrate and combine Google Cloud AI and analytics services like BigQuery with your SAP systems to expand the view of your data and open up space for creative solutions.

  • Flexibility

    Leverage the flexibility of Google Cloud and deploy SAP training or SAP sandbox systems in minutes.

  • Scalability

    Use the powerful infrastructure and scalability of Google Cloud with high SLA to build your highly available SAP systems.

  • Cost Savings

    Make sizing optimizations to your SAP systems at any time and only pay for actual usage in the Google Cloud.

  • Focus

    Rely on our professional maintenance, integrated monitoring and further development of your SAP systems in the Google Cloud and focus on your value-adding core processes.

  • Data management

    Take advantage of geo-redundant data storage capabilities in the Google Cloud and automatically switch to contingency systems to access your SAP systems in the event of a disaster.

Embark your cloud journey with us

With SAP on Google Cloud, you take advantage of the powerful infrastructure and scalability of the Google Cloud for your SAP-Systeme. Integration with innovative Google services such as BigQuery significantly expands the field of vision for the data in your SAP systems, opening up space for creative solutions.

Moving SAP to Google Cloud provides outstanding ROI, speed, and IT efficiency. Understand the benefits SUSE and Google Cloud SAP customers enjoy.